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Cool Down


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Jun 15, 2010
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NYC - Big Apple!
I just got a black screen with a yellow triangle that states the Iphoone must cool down before using?

I was not charging, it just sitting on counter. If i tried to use it went into emergency dial mode only?

Any ideas?
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Haven't had this problem. I wouldn't hesitate to call apple and just see what they suggest.
No problems here but I would definitely call Apple. Too many $ involved not to follow up on it with them.
I had the same problem. I left my phone in my car while I went to the dentist. Apparently, it was in the sun cause, when I came out, I had an EMERGENCY screen which indicated the phone would have to cool down before I could use it. Frankly, I thought that was kinda' weird?????
Wow, if it happens again can you take a screen shot and post it?
It happened to me today too!! It was sitting on the desk. I got a call but it only rang once. I got the yellow triangle message but went away after only a few seconds. Weird that it did this. Luckily I have an appointment with Apple tomorrow. I can ask them about this too!!
Went back to Apple store and they replaced my phone due to the over heat warning.