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Will AT&T Allow Are Post Contract iPhones To Be Unlocked


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Jun 15, 2010
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London -New York
Since AT&T is now going to sell unlocked iPhones if you do not go on contract and pay full price. And in Europe the iPhones will be UNLOCKED. My question is what about the people here in the US who have completed their iPhone AT&T contract. Will they now give us the unlock code or will they continue to play silly bugers over not unlocking the phone. It is about time loyal users are given their unlock code or they should give us a trade-in value towards the return of the phone. It is crazy that in Europe you can get the phone legally unlocked but not here in the good old USA. Are you getting this AT&T.................
but you pay a lot in one go i think a lot will still rather pay less and havea contract that they would of had any way regardless of if the phone is locked or not
That may work for some but allot of us business travelers use different sim cards due to the massive international calling charges that AT&T charges. Plus the luxury of using a local country telco with a local number when you are abroad.

The end of the day you can get your phone unlocked legally in the UK and Europe due to OFTEL. Here in the USA AT&T and Apple both say that they are not the ones responsible for unlocking the phone. When I was in Europe I used Orange UK and when I traveled out of the country they gave me the unlock code so I could use an AT&T sim card when I was in the states. AT&T doesn't want to do this even when I am now completed my contract on my two iPhones. Since I paid for them and I own them plus the contract is finished. They should be allowed to be legally "UNLOCKED". They should not be allowed to get away with this garbage if you can have your Iphone legally Unlocked in Europe after the contract is completed.
only this year the uk started to do it, last year even upo until 1 week ago appl where telling me they dont do it sim free with the 3gs before they announced the 4