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IPhone 4 Unlocked by AT&T US network


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May 29, 2014
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Hi Friends,

I Buy an 2nd hand iphone. Which was having IOS 5.X.X and was working with Geavy / Turbo sim.

But now i have updated IOS to 7.1.1 , which leads to lock phone.

I want to Factory unlock now my from AT&T US, could anyone suggest me Cheap, Guienue and fast way to unlock ??

Phone is out of Contract period now..

Thanks in Advance
IMEI unlocks are no longer as cheap as they used to be. The average AT&T unlock price is about $70 if not more depending on your source. Interposers are in now since they cost anywhere from $10 to $30 and works on almost all devices on all iOS's. You'll have to look for an older R-SIM for iPhone 4 support as the current ones are 4S+ minimum, though I don't think it matters at all.