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Who's done it? Limeraine to green poison jailbreak


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Oct 4, 2010
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Did you see any benefits in doing this?

I know we all may have thought is it worth it?

Please let's just keep the answers short and why
I dont see why you would first wanna JB with limera1n and the poison? its the same ****,just different names - or am i missing something?
So is limera1n the preferred choice? If just talking iPhone 4 AT&T US account does it matter for more devices and firmwares?

if you need to jailbreak devices or firmware that greenpoison does not support then yes, otherwise it really makes no difference what you use.
Thanks I appreciate it I'm an explorer by virtue of my phone and not sure when it comes to the phone when i had my Sprint PPC6700 I had a few programmers from India helping me. Now with the iPhone all my friends want to leave it stock and do not explore the opportunities JB brings. I appreciate your quick response. I had JB'd with limera1n on Sunday and didn't want too miss the boat on one being better than the other.
Going from Limera1n to Greenpois0n is pointless. Limera1n works just fine.
Just seems like alot of work for nothing, backung everything up ect.
yup agree with u....