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White on black display


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Jul 7, 2010
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So i just replaced my 16GB iphone4 with a 32 GB iphone4 as I wanted more space. I hooked it up to my iTunes and started syncing. I noticed an option in the iTunes called "Configure Universal Access". I clicked it and saw a bunch of options for two categories "Seeing" and 'Hearing" Under Seeing I clicked a checkbox "Use White-on-black display". This is freaky. Now I have a iphone with a wierd display. My home screen is white with a PINK battery logo. All the pics now have a negative effect. Anyone else see this with their phones? I tried taking the screen shots but they come up normal. I'll take some pics when I get home and attach it.
EDIT:- Its easily fixed by clearing the checkbox under the options and syncing. All I want to know is why is this option available in itunes? Whats the use?
The option is also available on your phone, you don't have to do it through iTunes. I'm not sure what the purpose of it is though.
they should do an update on this. i like the look of the folders and txt, but i dont like it changing everything on the phone negative. makes my daughter look creepy on my background. lol
Yes i understand. they have a bunch of options there. For a moment i thought apple enabled option to use themes on iphone 4