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Waiting and wondering


Jun 20, 2010
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So, I waited on the phone for hours on Tuesday morning the first day of the presale. Eventually I talked to an Apple who's computer wouldn't let him place my order. "but," he assured me,"youwont be able to get your iPhone 4 unroll the 28th" Turns out he was never able to take my order due to an overwhelmed server so the 28th was off the table anyway. It wasn't until the second day I was able to sucessfully place an order and now I have to waif till July 14th. That's okay, I'm still excited. However, I noticed that today, 4 days later, the apple site is still saying July 14th on phones ordered today. I was kind of expecting December or something by now
Welcome. There will be plenty to read here until you get yours. I am hoping my Best Buy gets enough in stock so I will have mine the 24th, if not I'll be waiting too.

edit: I pre-ordered but just hoping they will get enough.
Yep, I ordered my son-in-law's today, says it will ship on the 14th also
i think thats normall, waiting for so many hours to pre order, imagine what the line will be like
So why is every phone preordered since wednesday scheduled to be shipped on the same day of July 14th? I'm wondering if it was a safe date picked and maybe some of the earlier phones ordered may actually ship before said date.
no they wont, they will just take longer to ship the ones that send out earlier
If you go to Apple.com store, it just says it will ship by July 14th. They can ship the earlier ones before then, they are just saying the 14th is the latest they should ship. I would guess its just a safe date to pick.