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New here and Waiting for my iPhone4 (need it now LOL)


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Jul 7, 2010
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Hello everyone,
Just ran across this site today and I am so ever patiently waiting for my 2 iPhone 4s to show up. My wife and I skipped the 3Gs as many did and our old 8GB 3g's are turtles now. Somedays mine does not work very well and looses connection with my sim card. So the sooner this thing shows up the better.

I ordered it (Just black 16GB) on 7/3/10 any ideas when I might see it show up? I know some are saying next week like the 15/16th ish? Is this true?

AT&T told me 7-10 days total is all. So I have my fingers crossed it will come sooner rather than later. It still tells me it is backordered when I track it. ARGH!

Well hopefully I can poke around a bit and find some cool stuff, already found that awesome Aluminum and Carbon case that I MUST order soon. That thing looks sick!
I just talked to At&T here and they are saying for sure 7-10 days according to their sources. They said people that ordered them on the 29th just started getting e-mails and they said everything ordered through Sunday last week should fulfill at about the same time. Fingers crossed!