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Waiting for my iP4...


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Jul 6, 2010
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I've been an iPhone user since the very first, skipped the 3GS so I'm upgrading from 3G. I ordered via AT&T on 6/30, and impatiently waiting for it to come off backorder. Hopefully I'll have it before the end of the week.

I use my iPhone for EVERYTHING. It really is my "Life in my pocket." Can't wait for the upgraded version...
Check your local Best Buy, and WalMart stores. My wife got one at WalMart on Friday, They had 9 of them.
i ordered my iphone 4 on july 2, from an at&t store, but still hasn't been shipped out ! uuhh getting so anxious lol
when is the devliery date now in the us?

i dont imagine any sooner then the 14th
when is the devliery date now in the us?

i dont imagine any sooner then the 14th

Thanks for the welcoming messages. I've been following the AT&T forum, and many people who ordered around the same time as me (6/29 - 7/1) are beginning to receive shipping info, and getting their phones.

Of course that makes me even more antsy, since mine is still on backorder!

I also checked local Wal Marts, but they only have 16GB (I ordered a 32GB). And in addition, I've heard it can be a hassle to cancel your AT&T order (unlike an Apple order, which I have heard is pretty painless).

I figure the best thing is to just sit back and wait, it will get here eventually (I hope!)
Yes hopefully it won't be much longer but it's well worth the wait. And you ordered on 29/6, I remember reading posts that apple was saying pol pre ordered will get it 14th? Or do they have plenty now?

I think if I lived in the us I'd get it from another country to get it sim free
Check this out guys. I received an email last night from apple re. shipping information. This is what shows up on the tracking screen:

Initiated Picked up In transit Delivered
At local FedEx facility
Shipment Dates
Ship date Jul 6, 2010
Estimated delivery Jul 13, 2010 by 4:30 PM

My ip4 is sitting in a local FedEx office in China. This is too funny.
Yea, I just got mine from best buy monday. Last 1 they had. I broke my 3gs and needed something right away, so I dropped 600 on an iphone 4 out of contract. Its very very sexy. Glass on glass, wow.
Out of contract? I thought us only had it locked to atee and tee?

Yea, I'm already in a contract since September with AT&T when I bought the 3GS They transferred my phone account to the iPhone 4. I guess I wasn't very clear on that. Sorry