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Jul 23, 2010
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Hello-- I'm a new member who is waiting for my new iPhone 4 to be delivered in another week or so. I found this forum while having "cold feet" wondering if I was premature in ordering the new iPhone 4 with the defective antennae problem. I got some advice to "wait" until the inevitable updated/fixed version comes out "sooner" than later, but I couldn't find any evidence of such.

I have the original iPhone and was very anxious to finally upgrade! Am I making a mistake? Should I wait a "few months"-- will Apple come out with a updated/fixed phone in a few months??
Nope you doing fine! There won't be any design changes for the iphone4. Like someone else stated for any kind of antenna change would require FCC approval and take too long & be to costly. You will enjoy it! Just be sure to order you free case as soon as you get your phone!
Thanks--I'll try to relax about the "issue" then and just know that it will be better than the old one I'm using-- I'm a Sena Magnetic Flip Case user-- LOVE it! (so I suppose the fact that I use a case will "solve" it?)
Yea, mine works well without a case... But with one you wont be affected at all.