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Remind me, what was the point of the presale?


Jun 20, 2010
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Okay, admittedly I'm a little hacked off at apple. I love my 3g and have been a huge advocate for iPhone. About a month ago I get an email from Apple titled "Inteoducing the iPhone 4G", so I click on it. It takes me to Apple.com's iphone4 site where I watch a video of the iphone4. I am totally sold. I have to have one of these things.
The site clearly explains that the presale begins on the 15th. Well, evidentaly I'm so stupid that I think this is the fastest way to squire one. I called the number on the morning of the 15th and after waiting on hold for an hour I very helpful guy answers. But, no fault of his own, the systems were failing and after trying for a half hour, it was concluded he couldn't place the order. The following morning I tried again and succesfully placed my order. In spite of the fact that they could see I had talked to them on the opening day of the presale, it was detemined that my phone would ship on July 14th.
Huh. AT&T is supposed to recieve a shippment on the 29th of June so I'm imagining semi's moving millions of iphon 4's all around the nation to all the Apple retail stores as well as AT&T's. That's great! A lady out getting a new pair of slacks, on her way back to her car sees an AT&T store and on impulse decides to pop in and pick up a new iphone4, meanwhile I still have to wait another month.
Is it just me, or was this whole presale a joke? I mean, they have my money.
I wouldnt worry about it too much. I just went to the Att store a day ago to look for cases....Guess what they told me? The have no cases...they have no phones and the shipment on the 29th is already reserved for the preorders that they couldn't fill..... Apple is now out to 3weeks before your order ships...... I feel your pain it happened to me last year... But i bet you will still get it before anybody just walks into an att store and gets one off the shelf!
That's life man. I think apple didn't realize how much of a hassle this would all turn out. Still, I'm totally agreeing with you here. I may just pre-order the iPhone if I cant grab one tomorrow at AT&T.
I read they sold over 1.4 million in 3 days. I can't imagine they thought they would do that. Pre-sales are for the true geeks like me. I want the new stuff as soon as I can get it. I'll spend more, wait longer, and endure more pain to have the latest and greatest.