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AT&T Screwup


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Jun 15, 2010
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El Paso, TX
Okay, here is my story, and I'm sticking to it.

I ordered the iPhone 4 on the pre-order date of 06/15. I was charged for two ones at $326.00 each. Two days later the store received the iPhone 3GS. They credited my account, and advised me that they would just give me two of the store phones that they would receive for public sales.

Today they advised me that I wouldn't receive my phone until the 29th. What this means is that the stores are not receiving any additional non-presale phones until the 29th.

So for no fault of my own, I don't get my phone for an additional 5 days. This isn't the fault of AT&T either, but the fault of Apple. I say this so AT&T doesn't get the heat for this one.

What sucks is that Apple won't admit to the screwup. My understanding is that they did this for about 15 orders in El Paso.

This is the worst from my Part that I have ever seen from Apple.

Thanks a lot . . .
I'm sorry that this happened to you . Be thankful it isn't worse tho. It seems to be a pretty dumb mistake on Apples part but they are having alot of issues . I tell you one thing if I worked for them I'd demand a vacation after the 24th ... I do not want to know what its like to be working the day of the Iphone 4 release ...Mhm NOPE !.
that sounds like a bad mistake on atee and tees part. so what happes now? and you sent them a 3gs? where does the 3gs come into it?;p