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Ordered from AT&T, so when do I get it?


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Jun 15, 2010
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So I had account problems (couldn't remember the password that I made 8 years ago) so I had to go into AT&T to order my phone.

I read on engadget and elsewhere that if you order in store you may get the phone on the 24th, 25th, 26th... or later!!!

So, did anyone get confirmation for when they will get their phone if they ordered in an AT&T store?

I asked the guy there and he couldn't answer me, much like my other questions
Did you get a confirmation e-mail? Mine specifically said before the 24th. I'm hoping my order number will be in their system tomorrow so I can check it.

well my e-mail confirmation doesn't say much, it might as well say, "it'll be there sometime"

Thank you for your recent order. Your iPhone has been reserved and is expected to ship on or after June 24, 2010. Your order details as well as activation instructions are included below.

So, on or after...
Think I can expect the 24th? :)

I'm in Missouri so We usually have 2 day shipping from New York if it's fast, or 3 day if the timing is bad

and from California it's the same way, so I'm not sure how they do the shipping...
i think it depends where in the order line you are, i think some one else posted she/he was in the 7 thousands ordering it. so if you can find that out maybe you can have a rought idea of how long it will take, i dont think apple know themselves how long it will take since they have so many orders
I used the Att system for my 3G. I dont think its quite as good as apple's but back in the day we checked order status by say your order number was 5555 you would put in 5554 and check it....then 5553 ect untill you found one that shipped.....lol dont know it that still works but....all that aside i did get my 3G without any shipping issues.. Was a few days after the stated date tho.. (posted this on one of the other threads.. Hope it helps!
lol well my item number is in the 68,xxx and my transaction number is just below 200,000 so... oh well..... nothing i can do now, atleast i don't have to wait until july 14
thats not too far off a few weeks extra, imagine the ones at 600,000 how long they will wait lol
How can you tell which number you are in the order chain. My order number is some 20 digits long. Is it in the activation number??
i don't know dude, those are the numbers on the confirmation e-mail
i got an e-mail yesterday with tracking :)

but the tracking number still says, "
Not Found

No information for the following shipments/FedEx Office orders has been received by our system yet. Please try again later or contact Customer Service."

so atleast its a start
The good news for me is, when I log into ATT and go to check my orders, it used to say, up until this morning, that it was backordered, at least there were 1's in the back ordered column. Now there are zero's there. But I haven't received any shipping notifications.

There is also an order number there w xxxx-xxxxxxxxxx
The first 4 digits are the same as the last four in my original email.
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I remember when I placed the preorder it said if I preordered it would be delivered on 6/24.