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Can I 'transfer" a pre-order?


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Jun 15, 2010
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So, I have a question... basically (cos I went into the whole long story elsewhere here) I RESERVED the iPhone on Tuesday morning, but never got the confirmation, and Apple had no record of it. My eligibility stayed the same and on Wednesday I ordered one (on the phone with Apple), to be shipped to me. I did get the confirmation email and order # for the phone ordered one and it still shows as "not yet shipped" and "shipping by July 2".

In the meantime, someone mentioned that I should call the Apple store directly about the first order--the reservation--because even without the confirmation, they may have me on the list for a phone on Thursday, and sure enough, that is what happened!!

My question is this: is there any way for me to 'convert" my phone order to a friend's AT&T account, so that I don't lose that order completely? I'm guessing when I go to pick up my reserved phone on Thursday, the phone order will cancel, but if I can put that order in my friend's name instead, that would be great since he didn't order one yet.

Any idea?
Hmm..Not sure if you'll be able to do that. I had the same problem reserving the phone online and didn't receive confirmation from Apple. I'm just hoping they'll have me on a list at the store!