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Did I pre-order or not?


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Jun 15, 2010
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So.... I pre-ordered through the Apple.com site at around 6:30 this morning. Got a screen that said my order was confirmed and I would be getting a confirmation email shortly.

Well.... I had logged in with my @mac.com email address, which is my "apple ID" but no longer a valid email address, so have no idea if I got the confirmation email. Called Apple twice, and they can't confirm it cos their systems are down. Tried order status on the Apple site, it's not there.

I went to AT&T to see if it would let me order a phone there since the limit is one. It appeared to allow it (I didn't go all the way through, cos I am not sure!) Called AT&T and she confirmed that it showed me still eligible for the iPhone, but that since Apple's systems were down, maybe it just wasn't processed yet?

Now I don't know what to do.... has anyone who has ordered after 6:30 AM able to see the order in their order status on Apple.com already? Any thoughts/ideas?

Yes. My wife and I each ordered for home delivery off Apple.com. Neither of us have an email confirmation, but they are both on Order Status in our account on Apple Store. One was ordered around 11 AM EST and one around 3 PM EST. Good luck getting a hold of someone to find out more details.
Hmm.. Might be worth trying to pre-order another one through Apple.. If the first order took, they should be able to cancel it.

I just reserved a phone and don't see anything showing up in the order status nor have I received a confirmation email.

btw, welcome to the site!
i was going to order from the site also but did it over the phone, got confirmation email a few hours later. if you did not get one i would ring them to make sure
Thanks everyone... I tried to order one just now on the AT&T site, and it got me to the eligibility screen then said "We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are unable to support this request online. Please contact Premier Support at 1-866-499-8008 Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern Time for assistance with your request. Please reference Error P1232 if you speak to a representative about this error." When I call that number, it says "due to unusually high call volume we are unable to take your call. Please try again later."

Tried to place an order on the Apple site, get all the way to where I want to pick up the phone and it says that I need to bring an ID and 'see you at the store". No order confirmation or anything. And still not showing up in order status. :(

(and thanks, iDan ;) )
I ordered mine around 1:30 Central time this afternoon and got an e-mail around 330 confirming, so that was pretty quick, but who knows b/c of your e-mail status
Okay... now on the Apple site, when I tried to order the phone, I received this message:

"Sorry, you have reached the reservation limit. You can only reserve 1 pre-order product per Apple ID."

Sounds promising, right? Tried to access order status, but received this message:

"A technical difficulty has prevented us from processing your request. Please click here to return to the Apple Online Store."

So.....I still don't know!
I'm still a bit nervous about the order too. Took me 12 hours to get through to place an order, then had to do it again for my son! Haven't gotten confirmation on either of them and it still won't let me log into my account so I can check there.
Well apparently my order was lost somewhere, never to be seen again. :( and in the interim, the ship date is now July 2 not June 24. The rep at Apple said that it would be DELIVERED July 2, but that's not what my order confirmation (which I now DO have, for the new order) says.

I don't want to wait, lol!
So if you pre ord the phone, you get bumped to the back of the line?!?
I was told when I pre ord the phone at the AT&T store that they would
ship it to my house and I would get it around the 24 th or
the 25th. Now I hear if you go to the store on the 24 you
can walk out with an Iphone, and the shmucks who pre ord
would have to wait till July. ?!?!?!?!
600 thousand orders to send for the 24th. i bet a lot of the deliery dates will be late
I got my order for the new phone after about 6 hours of trying off and on.
But finally got to the final page saying I am in..
I chose to pick it up at my apple store.. The worry I have is
That I did not get a email after my order also when I log into
My account with apple I only see my past ordering history and no
Iphone 4.0 yikes, I have little faith that I and many others whom
Have them reserved will actually get it on the 24th.
I have tried to call apple and they will not even answer
The phone.. ( due to being busy we apt. Not to answer your call)
I have been a loyal apple customer for many many years,
This is the worst experience I have ever had buying a apple
Product..... Horrible customer service for a large dollar purchase is
A understatement.
I sure could never and would never run my Buisness this way..
Well good luck everyone next week getting your masterpiece.
Freehill, I feel your pain 100%. I reserved a phone at the local apple store only to get no confirmation email. When I called today they had nothing for me and told me to just wait and line and see what happens.. Very frustrating indeed.
Yes, this has been incredibly frustrating! I finally figured out that I made a RESERVATION for a phone on Tuesday morning, didn't actually order a phone. My own fault--I was half asleep at that hour and didn't pay enough attention (plus I was in bed and ordering from my iPad, lol). I called Apple today and (after a 55 minute hold) was told that they couldn't find my reservation but that the order I placed by phone on Wednesday WAS there even though it is not showing up under order status.

What is REALLY concerning to me is that according to both AT&T and Apple, I still show as qualifying for an upgrade, and can even order another phone thru Apple (just tried, and it went through --I didn't go ahead with my card, but up to that point).

This is really a big mess, and I don't know what I will REALLY get, if anything, or when.

and I hate to tell you this iDan, but the rep said it wasn't likely that there would be 'extra" (non-pre ordered) iPhone 4s in the stores (apple, radio shack, walmart or best buy) on the 24th either because although they planned to shipped extras to each store for walk ins, because of the demand, they may not be able to and will just ship the 'extras" to pre-order people. I haven't seen that anywhere, so not sure how true it is, but that was what I was told.