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Unlock.......but stay on at&t?????


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Jul 18, 2010
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Virginia Beach, VA
Just a quick question about the ultrasn0w unlock. I want to stay with at&t but I am in the military and travel a lot. With that being said I want to unlock my iP4 just in case I can find a sim card in some of the country's I visit. Will this mess with any of the functions of the phone while i am in the states?
the phone will still work fine with at&t after unlocking

my 3gs and iphone 4 both work on t mobile and at&t
i can say : JB a iPhone is not a simple case , you should be ready to restore several time by year your iPhone , i have done this in several iPhone but i will never do it again i prefer to have an unlock factory device than a JB … look’s fun to have a JB mobile but the trouble is not that small at all

this is the dark side of the scene …. but it’s up to you
when you unlock it means any sim will work not just atee and tee so you will be good to go. good luck