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Timelaps stopped?


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May 10, 2020
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Hi! I am a complete new member, and I have an Iphone4s from 2012, still alive and going, but since February I have a new iPhone, and so old I have only for time lapsing plants that I grow in a window. The current time-lapse has been going on since february 29th 2020, still on the same laps, and what has happened this weekend is that the turning wheel of white tiny bars/lines has stopped to rotate around the square red-dot showing the film is recording.

My question is: Does this signify that the current 2,3+ months time-lapse is no longer recording, just pretends to be recording? or what else? As it has not shut down the timelaps movie entirely.

/Thanks! Those who answers (first 5 only) receives a copy of the time-lapse movie on PM, featuring a tomato and a chili plant growing next to each other from tiny plants to full-grown (not yet fruits visible) ;) - provided that the movie is succesfully closed and saved.

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