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stuck with jailbreaking a 3g (w/ redsnow)


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Aug 28, 2017
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I'll preface this by saying that I've never done this before, and I have no clue about the lingo.

I got a tattered 3g to play with if I can fix the disabled issue. That I definitely fixed, but then the next problem was that it is carrier locked (i have no idea which carrier, but it's not mine), so I thought I might as well try and jailbreak it so i can use it for fun.

The factory reset put the newest supported os (4.2.1 i think) on the thing, and I've double checked everything about redsnow/the firmware and both are up to date.

I always get through the "button prompt" part, and then the loading starts, says something about a "second stage" for a moment, then it's stuck on "waiting for reboot" for hours on end until i unplug the phone and restart it.

I've tried the unplug-plug it back in fix, the the try a different hole, nothing works.

I don't have the sim in it (as it doesn't really make sense to have it in there), and i have to use an usb extender (otherwise i can't see the button prompts on my monitor).

should I try without the usb extender somehow? is the lack of a sim causing the freezing? should I try snowbreeze instead?

(i'm using windows 7 ultimate x64, if it's important)