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Just came back form the future...


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Apr 6, 2012
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...of shopping.

Here's the story.
The other day I downloaded an app called Apple Store on my iPhone. The app said that I could walk into an Apple Store and pick up an item, scan it with my iPhone and pay for it using my Apple ID. I thought, right :upeyes:

So tonight I tested it out. I went to the Apple Store and took out my phone and opened the app. It immediately saw that I was in the store and welcomed me to the location I was at and asked if i wanted to scan and buy an item. I found the Bluetooth speaker that I wanted, scanned it with my phone, put in my Apple ID and it said item purchased. The app then said if I wanted a bag to show my receipt which was on my screen to an employee. I closed the app walked up to an employee at the front of the store (a good 20ft away from where I bought the item) and asked him for a bag.

Me: can I have a bag for this?
Him: sure, here you go.
Me: how do you know I paid for this, does it tell you on your iPad that one was just purchased?
Him: (he laughed a little) no, but we do have pretty advanced security here. But basically we just take your word for it.

He never asked to see my phone or receipt. Pretty cool transaction. Hopefully more stores will take suit in the future. I'll definitely be using this app every time I shop at the Apple Store again, which is quite often.


May 1, 2012
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And somehow a reverse engineer will crack it and things will start getting ripped off....

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