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Sep 28, 2014
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Hi, looking for a little bit of advice of somebody maybe a little more clued up than me on mobile phone contracts. I took a contract out at the apple store in the trafford centre with O2 on an iPhone 6 the day after release. After going through all the paperwork and bits on the tablet I left the store signed up to a £53 a month deal and my new iphone for free. When I got home my sim wasn't recognised.So I went online and chatted with O2 customer services. They informed me that the details off my paperwork ie order number, new mobile number etc were all unrecognised on their system. I then went to my local O2 store to try and rectify the problem. Speaking to the store manager he went through the system and couldn't find me details. This was my second O2 account so it should have found two contracts when my name and address was searched. He looked through everything possible but said that my sim and order didn't exist. So basically I'd walked out of apple with my phone for free. He said that he'd assume that they'd gone through all the paper work and bits but not activated my account at the final stage. The O2 guy said that in his opinion the phone would be virtually untraceable as he was under the impression that all their paperwork would be correct they just hadn't activated. It's been 8 days now and the phone is still not recognising the sim, O2 still can't find any of my detail. I know it's morally wrong but it looks like I've walked out of apple with a free phone. I'm just curious if there is anyway of them spotting this error and blocking the imei number. In the O2 store he said he thought if it was going to be flagged up it would be done by now as in their small local store they reconcile stock daily. So I can't imagine apple with the amount of stock they shift that they'd leave it for longer than a week before checking these things.

I just don't want to take a sim only 12 month deal out thinking I've saved a fortune to find I either end up with a blocked phone or the sim suddenly activates and I've got 2 contracts at the same time. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
How strange, Ive never heard of this before, I never get a phone on contract but this leaves you in an odd situation,
Have you been back to Apple to see if they can do anything to help?
I've not been back to apple yet. It's 30 miles from where I live and I've worked every day since. Plus obviously if I go back and it was a mistake that they wouldn't have noticed I'd obviously pay full price. With a wedding coming up next year this would be a decent little saving ;)
Well the honest thing to do would be to do your best to get to the bottom of the situation.
It isn't your fault but we can't be a party to aiding you in keeping a valuable item like an iPhone without paying for it.
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