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Radio Shack


Jun 15, 2010
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Georgia, USA
I have not seen many posts on Radio Shack.

I have seen Wal*Mart and Best Buy threads but only a couple of Radio Shack.

I posted my experience with Radio Shack a week or so ago.

Here is what I am hearing...The manager at my local Shack told me the following.

Radio Shack's system was overloaded at 1PM EST on the day of Pre-Ordering.
This had to do with the link to AT&T during the activation/pre-order process.

After approximately 2 hours, Radio Shack told it's stores to STOP Processing/Ordering the iPhone 4's.

My local store was only able to process 3 orders in the first 2 hours. Luckly my order was the first processed. (I am however second on the list).

The mgr told me they are not guaranteeing delivery on the 24th. They have been told to tell customers to expect them on the 24, 25 or 26th.

I asked them about the rumor of receiving only 2 per store. He said that was not ever mentioned on his conference calls. The initial orders are for pre-order customers, and he said he is allocated a few to order for store stock (only 2 at a time). He doesn't expect to get the Store Stock items until a few days after the launch.

He also mentioned, if someone comes into his store now, his system will not allow him to process the order. He is frustrated with the whole launch and feels he has let down some of his customers who come in inquiring about the new iPhone.
Who the hell wants to order from Radio Shack..... That's like ordering from 7-11. They aren't reliable at all lol.
lol but maybe they could get it shipped to you early? i bet the radio has a tone coming their way
Who the hell wants to order from Radio Shack..... That's like ordering from 7-11. They aren't reliable at all lol.

I kinda agree with you...but after trying to order online at the time with no luck, I figured I would try them out. I guess I will wait to see if they come through. I do think Radio Shack is a step above Wally World though!
good luck! im still waiting for my sim cutter, actually i sent two sim cards to newcastle now i cant find the guys ebay, i hope i dont get scammed now lol ill end up with a iphone and no sim
Yeah just hope they don't start using your sim card. Can you monitor your sim to see if it is being used?
nop because its a pre paid one, well one of them i got free and has little credit but the second i would be screwed if they mess with me.. but they have 99.1% positive feedback on ebay so i hope ill be ok, they also confirmed they have my sim and will let me know on sending it back
The Shack, at least, is doing buy-back's for 3G and 3GS... I've been told I'll easily get $100 credit for my 3G 8gig (mint condition), and have qualified for the 199.00 upgrade...$99 for the 4 ain't shabby, so maybe I'll be lucky on Thurs and find a unit...we'll see.