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Radio Shack accepting iPhone 3GS Trade Ins


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May 27, 2010
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Would you believe me if I told you could trade your old iPhone 3GS phone for a brand new iPhone 4 straight across? Probably not, some things are just to good to be true. Hold up though, this might be the real deal!

According to a recent article posted at MacRumors.com, at a Brooklyn-area RadioShack, a sales representative named Shaquana told eWEEK that only some electronics trade-ins will be allowed in-store, and others will have to be arranged online. Devices that one can safely trade-in at the store, she said, include phones and game consoles, chargers, old cameras and camcorders.

Radio Shack's Twitter account has been filling in some blanks on the policy. Edible Apple has been tracking the tweets which revealed that the iPhone 3GS can be traded in for a $200 credit to the new iPhone:

The trade in value on an iPhone 3GS is $200, so if you're currently toting around last year's iPhone model and are eligible for an AT&T upgrade any time in 2010, you can pick up the new iPhone 4 for free. While trade-ins can ordinarily be done online, Radio Shack is advising users via its Twitter account that if the iPhone 4 is on your radar, your best bet is to show up in-store.

Source: MacRumors.com