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AT&T on Tuesday


Jun 15, 2010
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Georgia, USA
Anyone buying your new phone tomorrow morning?
If so, what time will you be getting to the AT&T store?

Stopped by my local store and the guy told to get there around 6AM and I should have no problem getting one. He said the store isn't that busy for some reason. The 3GS Launch only had about 20 people waiting. I have to be up early, so I figure I just drive by around 6AM...if there are only a few people in line, I will jump in. If there are too many people, I will just stop by Starbucks and play on my iPad till I have to go to work!

I asked him how many the store was getting, and he said, perhaps 20-30.

Would be nice to have the iPhone4 for my trip to Ireland...leave on Wednesday...would love to have the Camera and Video Capabilities if nothing else!

I am still #1 on my local Radio Shacks list...Radio Shack S**Ks!
Amen. Radio Shack is terrible. I'm on like three lists of them, one of them me being #1. Whatever, AT&T Ftw. I'll be at AT&T at 3am though to get one, haha.

I really want it, bad.
I want to go to AT&T but I'm not sure when my excess Student Loan from my college will show up in my account. It says it will be there tomorrow, but don't know if it will be early or 10 or 12. But as soon as I know it's there I will go out searching.
And I'm still number 8 on my Best Buy pre-order list for 32GB.
Haha, be sure to post some pics of the stake-out! The AT&T store near me said the same thing and had no idea what kinda turn-out to expect. I'll be dropping by in the morning to see how the lines look. Will report back!

For those that didn't get the iPhone 4 on launch, they may be another good chance. Not a lot of press for tomorrow's launch that I know of.
Sitting outside at AT&T store....I can't believe I am doing this!
I'm about #50 in line.
I'm currently #10 in line at the AT&T store! My iPhone ran out of battery and I forgot to bring my charger so I'm using my laptop feeding off public WiFi.

Lets do this!
Actually did a count, I am #38 in line. Rumors are going around here that they have 45 at this store, so hopefully I will walk away happy.
Actually did a count, I am #38 in line. Rumors are going around here that they have 45 at this store, so hopefully I will walk away happy.

I'll be praying for me and you, haha. Cross your fingers man, hopefully we both and the rest of the campers at iphone4forum.net can grab one.
Got mine! In line at 5:45AM...home syncing now. Pretty painless process!
i picked mine up yesterday. Had to go twice to ATT, once at 830 but sold out then once at 11 sharp just in time for second shipment and took the second to last one they had. The guy ATT rep was telling me only way for people to actually know if ATT stores got iphone is to actually go to them because when they get calls he said they lie just so they get off the phone quick.