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Jailbreaking is Ending? 4.2 ends it here?

His comments are outdated now. The DEV's could be waiting for iOS 4.3 too see if Apple has something else up it's sleeve, before releasing the untethered JB. No use opening the door and then have it slammed in your face again a couple of days / weeks later. We have seen and iPod JB'd untethered on iOS 4.2.1, so there's hope.
I'm computer stupid... what exactly did all that mean? We will never have another JB? Or wait until further updates.........

I was a foolish JB junkie that installed something that messed my phone up and only option was to restore and I was stuck updating now wishing I could get back to 4.1 because I'm not in Kansas any more. I've gone from the Wonderful World of Oz to the Land of the Lost......

John T.