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Jail Breaking and Unlocking iOS 7.1.2


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Aug 14, 2014
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JailBreak: I have Jailbroken my iOS 7.1.2 with Pangu. It's absolutely glitch-free.

EvasiOn will only jailbreak iOS 7.0 and earlier versions.

Restoring a Bricked Phone: If for some reason, you get stuck at the boot screen (with the Apple logo), you can always restore your earlier iOS from iTunes. You can do so by connecting your iPhone to iTunes, holding the 'Power' and 'Home' buttons pressed, then releasing the 'Power' button as your iPhone is recognized by iTunes while continuing to hold the 'Home' button. You can release the 'Home' button, once the restore process begins.

SIM Unlock: The SAM method to unlock a SIM no longer works, unless the SIM was unlocked prior to 2012, the unlock ticket was saved.

Downgrading iOS: You can downgrade to an earlier version of the iOS if the Jailbreak utilities won't break into your newest iOS version.

You can downgrade your iOS to earlier baseline versions, which can be downloaded as .ipsw files from apple.com. The files not available on apple.com are no longer supported by Apple (They won't have the Apple signature for iTunes to restore from them).

The process to restore from an .ipsw file isn't much different than that from the web. You open up iTunes, press 'Shift', and click on 'Restore' to open the dialog to browse for the restore file. You browse for the file and restore from it.

The keystrokes are different for Macs. You can perform a Google search for these.
You can't restore a bricked device without having a low level boot exploit i.e. a bootrom exploit. And even if you had a boot level exploit, 9 out of 10 times, you cannot restore the device because of a hardware issue, no software fixes will correct it. Bricked and boot looped devices are two different states of the iOS.

You can only downgrade an iOS if and only if your device is an iPhone 4/iPad1/iPod Touch 4th or older device. Devices that succeeded these devices are only susceptible to soft-exploits that can be patched easily through a software update or server update and is not worth the burning of exploits for a single downgrade method.