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Heres my method of downgrading ios from 5.1 to x.x on A4 devices.


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Aug 20, 2011
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mongo549 said:
Zig you are the man! I used PKGBackup and got most of what I had back. I would like to find a better restore program. I backuped to both to both DropBox and SugarSync, but didn't get everything back. I did get all the important things except for my pics that were stored in Photosafe or what ever that App is called. I'm going to download it again and see if they come back, if not I have them backed up on a hard drive. Believe it or not I'm a sys admin for a major hosp, the tools are much better there, lol. I do understand the basics but as manager I don't have the luxury of hands on all the latest technology. I really thank you for your help. You are obviously a brilliant person. You ask all the right questions. I'm much more iPhone savvy after this escapade, lol. Thanks again!!

I've successfully jailbroken every iPhone I've had until this mess. Luckily I was able to get good advise from an expert! Have a good weekend and thanks again!

BTW - if you have a better backup program you like, I'm all ears.

I backup some Cydia packages with MobileTerminal.

And thank you,..I wouldn't say I'm an expert...but I've been round the block a few times I suppose.lol


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Feb 28, 2012
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Ok everyone calm down! i have been gone for a while but don't panic ive corrected all the "ispw" to "ipsw" so hopefully now all you moaners will stop losing sleep over this drastic error that obviously made the post totally impossible to understand! please accept my humblest apologies. :)

I don't want to get my spelling wrong again so could one of you moaners tell me if this is how you spell "sarcasm" lol
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