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Is my battery normal?


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Oct 10, 2010
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I got my ip4 last friday, but seemed like, or maybe not, that the battery is draining too fast.

I let the battery go down to 1% on Sunday night, did a compete 100% charge for Monday.

So far, my ip4 USAGE says:

Usage - 4 hours, 27 minutes
Standby - 1 day, 17 hours

I'm at 29% battery left now (as of 7:39 PM/PST Tuesday night, tonight). Does it look like normal depletion?
Battery seems ok cause of the standby and usage ratio and still has 29% left with 1 3/4 days of standby and over 4 hours usage.

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ok, that's good to hear..I have all the normal routing things turned off too..like bt, eq, push notification, etc. too
I used to keep 3G and wifi on all the time. Now I keep them both off and turn them on only when I need them. As a result I'm experiencing better battery life.