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Iphone 5s help


Sep 28, 2012
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So I receive a iphone 5s that has water damage. Well she was going to try and fixed it by opening it and they tried to open it from the top rather then the bottom. Is it better to just go ahead and buy a new front display with the Camera, mic, home button or should I try when I have it dried out
I would try when it dries out, you never know your luck, how bad is the water damage?
Well the water damage was one issue. But other is the display. When she try to open it she didn't know how to open It and was just prying on It from the top. It looks like she damaged the front camera and the top speaker I'm not sure. Also she ripped the home button ribbon. So I need a new one of those. Is it true that now the Apple ID scanner won't work now?