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Kind of URGENT: Some water contact on iPhone 5


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Mar 31, 2014
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It's a hot day, we have new lawn, no sprinklers in some parts of the lawn here in Southern California!!

So while spraying with the hose I took the iPhone out of my pocket and the hose accidentally sprayed the upper portion of the iPhone for maybe a split second!
It seemed ok, but the display didn't respond to my touch.
The iPhone 5 was in a Case-Mate Tough Xtreme case, which is similar to the Otterbox Defender. Upon taking off the case not much water was there on the iPhone 5 itself.
My concern is that maybe the speaker above the display has some water in it as for the reason it is not working? The case does have an opening there and that is where the water would have most likely have poured into.

I quickly popped open the iPhone 5's display maybe 5 minutes after the accident. GOOD NEWS is that no visible water was inside the unit upon opening it.
I also disconnected the battery just to be sure.
Again not a lot of contact, but it was from a hose with some decent shower power! (The Samsung Galaxy S5 is looking more desirable every day here in So-Cal!! )

What should I do? Wait to let it supposedly dry? A couple hours? 24 hrs to be extra safe? I can go a couple hours without the phone. No issue there.
Anything I am missing? This isn't my first foray with water damage to my cell phone. So, I have learned a lot along the way on how to prevent the damage.

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Hello, m4rski, I have moved your thread to the iPhone Help section where it will hopefully get more attention.
THANK YOU for the reply.:):):)

Hmmm. Well, you know what, I recall that treatment very well. That's what I did to my iPhone 4 after dropping it in the spa carelessly. But, I accidentally turned it back on, harming the iPhone 4 even more so.
The rice more or less couldn't help then since I guess the damage had already been done.

This iPhone 5 water contact is a much different story. It wasn't dunked under water, but rather only a little contact.

The rice trick won't do anything since the water was in such small quantities on the iPhone 5 display. I quickly wiped the water off afterward of course.

Right now I am letting the iPhone 5 sit with the display popped open, and in front of a big fan on HIGH. That should help tremendously. It's been in front of the fan for roughly 45 min now.

Around 10:30 AM PST, I put the display back on and powered her up....

Just as before

Thanks for the help and it's neat to belong to this forum in case I have any iPhone questions.
You should still put it in a bag of rice to make sure all moisture is removed. A micro-pocket could still be there.

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