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How can i repair my front camera, 2 contact points affected when changing home button


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Jun 12, 2012
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I sent my iphone 4 off to get the home button replaced as it was not responsive, but when i received it back the front camera didnt work - shutter remains closed.

i have read this is because when the screen was removed to replace the home button, that the two contact points for the front camera were damaged
the repair guy said:
" there are no contact tracks to hit. They look as though they've been taken off with the fuse that goes there.
I tried to thread a thin piece of wire to make contact but there are no metal tracks. Solder just bounces off."

So as the ebay repair guy couldn't fix it i was wondering if anyone knew of a way to fix this? or if its even possible to fix?
i already got the front camera replaced but this didnt help

every time i select the front camera the camera shutter stays shut. then when i try switching to the back camera the shutter doesnt open either, this is only resolved if i restore the iphone, but if i then try the front camera again the same closed shutter happens and the back camera doesnt work until i restore the iphone.
so i now dont even bother trying the front camera as this causes the freeze and makes me have to restore everything, so just have to use back camera only, which means i cant use face-time

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