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Iphone 4 Unlocked with Gevey Super SIM problems


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Aug 10, 2011
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Hello all,

I finally found and ATT/GSM Iphone 4 at a great price, upgraded from my unlocked 3gs.

Here is the problem, it is on 4.3.4, baseband 04.10.01

I know there is not a software unlock so I used a Gevey adapter, I went through two that ended up being fake and would not get a signal, I just spent the $40 and bought the Gevey Pro.

I am very familiar with the process to unlock, you are supposed to have 3g and WIFI off to when using T-Mobile.

I have gone through the process well over 20 times, and it will catch a signal get 5 bars and the E for the edge data network will appear for about 20 seconds, no T mobile logo and then it will just drop and stay stuck on no service.

I have been playing with this all week and found when I did the 112 hang up process and went to airplane mode, IF I HAD WIFI ON, my phone will connect to the Tmobile network and stay on.

But it will not connect to the edge network so I have an Iphone that works for cellular calls only.Data will work on wifi but no mobile data.

I called tmobile and had them reset my phone on the network, this had happened to one of my 3g's. This did not fix the problem.

Has anyone had this problem or heard of this, any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Jul 28, 2011
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The Land of Ice and Snow
You should buy a Gevey ULTRA SIM, it does not require you to dial 112(so it is not illegal like the one you are using now) and it is a permanent unlock.

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