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iPhone 4 Retina Display Comparison


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Jun 18, 2010
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Redmond Pie has a cool story today about a Smartphone display comparison experiment undertaken by DisplayMate, who put the iPhone 4's Retina display and the Samsung Galaxy S's Super AMOLED display through a rigorous analysis and review process, along with the iPhone 3GS, Droid and Nexus One, in order to find out which display had the best overall quality. The results make for interesting reading, with Redmond Pie quoting DisplayMate as saying that it found no "decisive" winner, mainly because each of the three "Super" displays has a specific area in which it excels, and another specific area in which it greatly underperforms in comparison with the other screens.

As far as the iPhone 4 is concerned, DisplayMate found that the Retina display was brighter, sharper, and more power-efficient than the other displays, but on the down side, it has a weak color gamut and viewing angles. Although DisplayMate concluded that all of the smartphones had their pros and cons, they eventually awarded the iPhone 4 their DisplayMate Best Mobile Display Award, saying that it performed best overall. DisplayMate also gave the Motorola Droid the Best Mobile Picture Quality Award, and the Samsung Galaxy S the Best New Mobile Display Technology Award.

Source: Redmond Pie