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Display Tests Show iPhone 5 Beating Samsung Galaxy S III


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Jun 18, 2010
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BGR reports today that according to DisplayMate, it seems that the iPhone 5 has just won the first round of the smartphone wars with main contender the Samsung Galaxy S III. While both displays are excellent, it seems that according to the report, the iPhone 5 just comes out a little above the Galaxy S III, in the opinion of the experts at DisplayMate. This is apparently because Samsung is using an in-house OLED display in its phone, which DisplayMate says is not yet as good as LCDs in general, and the IPS LCDs that are installed in iPhones, including the iPhone 5. In particular, the tests found that the Galaxy S III’s display’s brightness was approximately half that of the iPhone 5 because of power limits from the OLED’s lower power efficiency, as well as distorted and exaggerated colours, resulting in a Green colour caste on many images. DisplayMate suggest that a smaller display would help Samsung to overcome these issues next time around.

Source: iPhone 5, Galaxy S III comparison - Apple still has best display: Test