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Retina Rules!


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Jun 18, 2010
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PC Magazine has conducted a test comparing the iPhone 4, Motorola DROID X, HTC DROID Incredible and HTC EVO, with the iPhone 4 coming out on top as the overall winner. The four phones were tested for Brightness, Contrast, Colour Depth and Colour Accuracy. The tests were conducted using luminance and chromaticity meters, along with the help of Dr. Raymond Soneira’s DisplayMate display testing suite.

In terms of brightness, the iPhone 4 came out on top, according to PC Magazine. With its LCD turned up to maximum brightness, it was twice as bright as the HTC DROID Incredible.

For contrast, the iPhone 4 shares top honours with the DROID X, with the iPhone 4 rating at 1097 and the DROID X rating at 1071.

For colour depth, or the amount of colours that can be displayed, PC Magazine says that the iPhone 4 is “the king of colour depth”, offering a “full-blown 24-bit colour experience”. Only the iPhone 4 has a 24-bit photo gallery application.

Finally, colour accuracy was tested, and this was the only category in which the iPhone 4 was beaten, with the DROID X coming out on top here, with 94 percent of the sRGB colour gamut (100 percent being the most desirable), and its colours unsaturated by 6 percent. The iPhone 4, however, has colours unsaturated by 36 percent, which is similar to that of the iPhone 3GS.

Overall, the iPhone 4’s Retina display came out on top in three of the four categories, making it the overall champion of screens!

Source: PC Magazine