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iPad Mini cant recover due to corrupted download


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Apr 13, 2014
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Last night i thought i would take a chance and jailbreak (evasi0n), after doing the whole process it said done and my ipad began to start a reboot loop, i left it like that for a hour to see if it would stop to no avail, i then tried to put it into recovery mode, since it was connected to the computer, itunes said that it detected a device in recovery or something, so then i clicked restore and it began to download the latest firmware, when it finishes, a message came up saying that the download was corrupted, i have retryed the DL many times again for it to not work, HELP!
Welcome to iPhoneForums. Please take the time to peruse the forum rules here and keep them in mind whilst posting throughout your stay with us.

Though the issue is the same for both iPhone and iPads, it's best to post it at iPadForums (our sister forums) to get the best results and better attention.

The reason your device is experiencing a boot loop is because it was OTA updated (if you're interested to know why it's happening). If you're looking to restore to iOS 7.1, I'd recommend following this thread. If you're still getting the issue with regards to a corrupted download, you can download the latest firmware that matches that of your device here.