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IP4 Jailbreak Pros/Cons


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Aug 11, 2010
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What are the advantages and disadvantages to jailbreaking? I have a ultra-slow 3g and I wondering which phone to get (droid x or IP4). I want to get a IP4 but I like how much you can personalize the droid x. So yeah what are the advantages and disadvantages to jailbreaking the IP4 because I heard its better than the droid x with a jailbreak. Thanks.
the one con that puts me off jailbreaking and i cant think of any other is the fact you have to wait for new jailbreaks each firmware and re install all the apps and find them and wait for the jailbreak apps to work with new firmware and some devs dont even bother upgrading it. so even though app store has the same problems you can report it and it always gets fixed. but with cydia they just say shut up and dont ask. but cydia has some pretty sweet apps and games though cydia is starting to charge money. probably start to use rock more
What about the speed of the phone? Does it slow it down, pauses at times, or lags in any way? That stuff really annoys me when i'm on my phone.
It will slow down on a 3G but my ip4 handles it fine. No slow down or problems touch wood.

To be fair I was surprised how easy it was to jailbreak and how little difference it makes to the phone.

The last iPhone I had was a 2g in 2007 and the jailbreak process back then was almost barbaric in comparison.