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Damn smartphones driving me insanee!


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Aug 10, 2010
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This is my story ..so I got my first Iphone 2g about a year after release and I was pretty satisfied (mostly because it was jailbroken and I still have this phone) then the 3gs was released and then I got it after about 6 months from the released date and I was still pretty satisfied (mostly because of jailbreak too and i still have this phone too). And then iphone 4 was annouced and i was very excited for that one lol .. I even stayed awake spamming F5 on my keyboard to refresh the apple website so i could reserve it ..On released day I waited 6 hours and got the iphone 4 (32g) on release day.. and I wasnt satisfied ..any iphone without the jailbreak is like a hot girl that fully paralyzed so 29 days after purchase and still no jailbreak I had a choice to make ..to either return the phone and get a Droid X (Which I did do) or keep it and risk the jailbreak never being released or something.. Now I've had the Droid X for about 38 hours and its a great phone and kills the iphone 4 ,but it sure as hell doesnt kill a jailbroken Iphone 4 ..so now I still have the option to go back to AT&T and get back my Iphone 4 but the problem is that apple is probably out of stock and by time I get my Iphone 4 back it would probably come back with a fix for the jailbreakme expolit..any suggestions to what i should do? thanks for the help if any and... Hi i'm new to the forums
The iPhone will always have a jailbreak... Besides that if you ordered fairly soon the phones won't be shipping with 4.1 yet even if it comes out tomorrow.
well whatever works for you is good:) the iphone 4 has come a long way from the 2007 model. i was like you always jailbreaking saying it sucks with out jailbreak, but imo the 4 doesent even need it. but if you found a phone that does all that with out pissing off apple then why not. instead of having to wait for new jailbreak tools every firmware and re installing all the stuff you had. unless you never upgrade.. so you did the right thing changing it if only jailbreak made the phone worth having
Just switch back to the IP4 already. As good as android is, it will never be as good as the iphone's OS. This is coming from a guy that previously owned a Nexus One and HTC HD2. Android is nice, but it still has some catching up to do in terms of UI polishness. There will always be a jailbreak in the near future.
Both are good phones but I have found the I phone more polished and intuitive than the Android which requires a bit more technical ability but there are so many choices out there with new phones coming almost every day choosing one could drive a person insanee.
like dannyboy said, the iphone will always get jailbroken, you just have to be patient. sounds like thats your main problem. and as much as i'm an iphone addict, i can see what you mean. i've never personally messed with the droid x but a stock iphone is vulnerable to defeat but a jailbroken iphone is probably unbeatable.
Yeah you guys are right the UI on this phone is pretty confusing with the four physical buttons and plus I don't lose much basically I only paid 105$ to test out this the Droid X but I can go back to my rentina display ,A4 chip Iphone 4! Thanks for the feedback guys the only thing that sucks is I Have to wait 3 weeks dammit and schools start
s soon
how is it confusing?lol the nokias and other normal phones are more confusing imo.. a maze of options on those phones.