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How do you clean your phone?

I have that and it's great on past phones and my laptop but it doesn't do anything for the antenna band.
i spit on my screen and wipe it off with my shirt. i'm not paying someone $50 for a rag to wipe off my shitshow screen, that's like buying a knee pillow for purposing... kitty crap.
How do you clean your phone?

Ummmmmm.... just clean the camera lenses with a Q-Tip and forget the rest! You'll never keep the screen clean, and a good case will take care of the rest!
I finally found use for that little black cloth they gave me with my MacBook.
I use my oakley micro clear bag to clean my iphone. I figured if it is good enough for oakley polarized lenses, then it is probably just as good, and will not do any harm to my iphone. But come on, probably everyone has a screen protector and an overpriced rubber band on their iphones so there's really no point in being too careful with the screen. I do not use any liquid to clean the phone. I just keep on wiping it until it's clean.
Hum??? Why should i clran my phone? Hihihi i have never done it yet and i don't find it dirty anyway, and i have a screen protector on the screen and on the back of the phone. So i do not need to clean up those dirty on screen i think, anyway the disapear alone along the time.

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1) Is it ok, to clean your phone, with the same micro cloth you would use on an LED TV or with your reading glasses?

2) Do you need liquid or is a dry clean fine?

3) Can you clean the front camera lense the same way?
Wipe on my pants, usually. If handy, an eyeglass cloth.