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How Do I Learn To Use My iPhone4?

George Lewis

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Jul 13, 2010
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Boerne, TX
I am going to buy an iPhone4. I know there are MANY things it will do. How do I learn to use it other than sitting and punching icons and not knowing what they will do or the capability of the 4. Is there a book? Tutorial?

I will be 78 next month and not sure I will live long enough to learn how to use the thing...but I gotta have it!
The apple site has lots of info. Just pull the trigger get your phone. This is why i love apple...its easy and it just works. Several "old people" (Im 25 so old to me ;)) that can actually enjoy a smartphone without spending days or years learning how its supposed to work.

Welcome from Texas!!

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Go to the Apple Store and spend some time with the folks who work there. They can show you the basics. I think they also run classes.
youtube is always good for tips n tricks for most things
its not like nokia or some other phones where its a maze of options you get lost in. you wont have any trouble i bet, but ask in here google youtube and i bet some one will be able to answer and there is always some one here
The only way to learn is to play with it. There's not a whole lot to learn either and everything is laid out nicely and it's very user friendly. Of course, you can always go online and read the documentation for the iPhone 4.