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Is FaceTime Audio Call for 24 seconds AND use only 78KB possible? Please opine!


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Dec 2, 2019
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Screenshot print out that is said to be authentic but I do not think it is shows what is claimed to be have been a FaceTime audio call. The part about how long the call lasted and how many kilobytes used appears to be 24 seconds AND used 78 KB of data. Is it possible for a FaceTime audio call to use only 78KB??

If helpful, additional details: the call is said to have happened in mid March of 2018 from an iPhone 6s+ TO a 7s IPhone. The ‘screenshot’ print out is said to be FaceTime audio call received on the IPhone 7s. Both mobile phones would have wen in New York City at the time - or supposedly were. Any and all feedback is appreciated.
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