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iphone4 tethering vs mobile broadband 4G USB stick


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Oct 13, 2011
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Registered here just for this question, figured the most experience would be found here. On the verge of making my decision today.
This is AT&T only, adding to my home phone and cell phone plans I already have, I will not add an additional carrier.

Do I buy a USB Mobile Broadband Stick OR Do I upgrade my iphone 3G (yes the very first one) to a iphone4 and add tethering.
(NO, I dont want iphone 4S, due to price and that it will be very hard to find in stock for the next few weeks/months.)

Fees are almost the same, but the tethering is actually a tad more:
USB stick = $50/month for 5GB. Extra $10/month for each additional GB you go over.
iphone4 tethering = $45/month for 4GB. Extra $10/month for each additional GB you go over.

I always use 4GB-5GB/month in data, and every few months i might go over 5GB. This connection is for my personal laptop while at work. So say I went to 5.5GB on one month, the iphone4 would cost me $65, but the USB stick would cost me $60. I guess a $5 difference isnt worth influencing my decision over.

The iphone4 is less intrusive connected to the laptop than a big USB block.
The tethering costs more.
The USB stick is an extra device to deal with.
Device wise, one time fees: iphone4 will cost me $99 for 8GB version, usb stick costs me about $60.

Thanks for any perspectives to think about.