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Hello all from the UK


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Jun 15, 2010
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Northumberland, UK
Hello to you all, I am Brendan got an unlocked 3GS at the minute in the UK. And although I would love a iPhone 4 am going to resist this time and save up the pennies and wait for next years iphone.

I have seen the iOS 4 on a 3GS and was very impressed so will let that tide me over until next time.

But looking forward to joining in and learning how the new one works. I am a moderator on the largest independant UK iphone site so will be glad to see how this one takes off!
Welcome on board enjoy your stay don't forget to check then international forum out it is just for you to get the latest on every thing outside of USA
your good to be able to resist, i couldent lol but i did not have the 3gs i stayed away because i did not like the fact the design was the same as the 3g
Hello Brendan, welcome on board from Asia :) i dono how you can resist to the iphone4 even i have 3Gs i will got from day 1 the new iPhone
Yes but imagine next year when my contract is finished and I can get the next one without paying off my contract and then starting a new one. As uk networks are capping data on the new contracts will just keep my contract rolling and put it in my new phone.

yes all good things comes to those who wait, and the iphone is only going to get better :)