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Got my otterbox commuter today


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Jul 19, 2010
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Hey guys just installed my otterbox commuter on my iphone 4! If you dont want all the bulk but still want protection this is the way to go. Comes with a screen cover that appears more clear then the zagg one I had. Very easy to put on and install. It took about 10 minutes to complete. I left the back zagg cover on so nothing could get in and scratch through the apple hole in the back. Anyways I just wanted to give my review on it. It seems very sleek and stylish but strong enough to protect when it needs to. I would recommend it. Also it says to put the silicone cover on then put it in the plastic shell. I found that it doesnt fit perfectly that way so I put the silicone in the shell then put the phone in and it fit perfectly. Just a tip encase you decide to have a look.
Just curious, doesn't it suppose to come with the film to be applied onto the circle in the back to protect the logo?
no its doesn't just a cover for the front.
Do you have any pictures of it that you are willing to share? I love my Incase but was also looking to purchase the Commuter as well; thanks!
I have the Defender and I love it. I was kind of put off by the bulk of the Defender but its not that bulky at all. Very protective and probably the best protection around for the iPhone 4 out today.