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Otterbox Defender

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Jul 8, 2010
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I just got my first otterbox case for my iphone 4. Ive been researching both cases for a while and when i went into best buy, i passed by the defender series and thought i would check it out in person. Also keep in mind that im coming from a bumper and am the type of person who likes a clean, simple, and sleek looking device.
After reading all the reviews online, i was under the impression that the defender was way bulkier than the commuter. I mean it is, but everyone made it seem like it was too bulky to enjoy. The first thing i noticed when holding it was that to me, it wasnt nearly as bulky as i expected.
Another first impression was that it seemed cheaply made. After putting my phone in it, my opinion changed. I think it feels well put together and you can tell they put a lot of thought into it.
Another thing all the reviews were saying was that the silicon wasnt pocket friendly. In my opinion, its not really the rubbery feeling you expect. Its actually pretty smooth. I had no problem sticking it in and out of my pocket.
The installation of my phone was very easy. I read a few times that some people had a hard time with it but they were probably drunk. The only problem i had was that i had a zagg invisible shield on the front and back and that wasnt compatible with the case. As expensive as those things are, i was kind of bummed that i had to take it off. Since this case has a built in shield on the front and in the back circle, i dont even miss the zagg shield anymore. The thing about the commuter that i was worried about was that theres no shield covering circle on the back that shows the logo and what if it also wasnt zagg shield friendly.
A great thing i love about this case that i hated with my bumper, is that i can use any connector cord and not have to take the case off. Which is something i always had to do with the bumper.
Overall, im very excited and happy with this case. Like i said, i usually like the low profile, clean, simple, and sleek look but im also really happy with this. I also feel a lot safer about my phone unlike before with my bumper.
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