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Gizmodo running petition to Apple: Give free cases to fix iPhone 4's problems


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May 27, 2010
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If your reading this site I'm sure you are aware that some people are having an issue with the iPhone 4 and it's reception. The reception can vary greatly depending on how you hold it, where you hold it, etc.

One widely accepted solution is to use the Apple "bumper" case which prevents you from making direct contact with the antenna and thus shorting it out/grounding it.

There are many who think Apple's solution to: "Just hold it different" shouldn't be the acceptable solution to this problem... so instead they are suggestion that Apple should make good by giving out the bumper cases to every iPhone 4 customer.

Do you agree? Disagree? If you would like one, Gizmodo has a petition going to try and get the mass effect going for that cause. To participate, follow this link:

Sign Here If You Think Apple Should Give Free Cases to Fix the iPhone 4's Problems