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iPhone 4 Major Design Flaw - Antennae & Hands Problem


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May 27, 2010
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Uh Oh. This seems to be quite serious. One of my favorite things on the iPhone 4 was the large "exterior" antennae that was also part of the strength of the iPhone. Apparently, Apple didn't do much testing.

HTC had grounding issues, and now the iPhone 4 appears to have major grounding issues with the antennae as well. If you touch the metal band (which is the Antennae) you will lose signal completely or suffer majorly degraded signal.

How this passed Apple quality control is beyond me. There are many dozens of videos showing off this and Gizmodo has bundled them all up, first one here the rest follow our link:

iPhone 4 Loses Reception When You Hold It By The Antenna Band?
Ok, this is true to a point... Touches to to right and left sides at the same time do not reduce signal. Holding across the rubber gaps do reduce signal. Pretty much you bleed over the wifi and phone.. Thus reducing signal... Not a big deal unless you like holding your fingers over the lines.... Maby this is an issue for some....
Not to be posting alot here but I find even if I touch all four sides of the phone... No loss in signal.. Only fades when ONE FINGER OR PALM IS PRESSED ACROSS BOTH LINES SEPARATING THE BOTTOM FROM THE SIDES....
this could be why jobs had a hard time getting the phone to work at the conference.
LOL yea cept he was trying to use the wifi ;) It will be interesting to see what happens about this. I really don't care but some will. I guess easy fix is buy a bumper :/ So far tho it's one heck of a phone!
We saw similar claims of "serious design flaws" about the iPad as it was released. Mostly bogus. There's always nay sayers out there.
We saw similar claims of "serious design flaws" about the iPad as it was released. Mostly bogus. There's always nay sayers out there.

Hopefully that's the case here. Maybe the issues are isolated to a single batch.
Anybody see this video... Seems this works on ios4.0 3G/3GS also... Can anybody test this?? Let's get some local peeps testing.

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I went to Gizmodo and review the videos and did the reception test by holding the phone by the metal and glass. I did not lose any bars. I also made a call holding the phone and did not lose any bars. I also notice on Gizmodo that some people saw a yellow line at the bottom of their videos. I have not experienced that I the videos I have made so far.
i thought the last iphone design had an antenna flaw :S now this one too?!?!!??!
It's most likely (hopefully) a flaw affecting a small number of units.
well they can take those few units back and see what the problem is, i am waiting for my iphone now i wish the damn delivery guy would hurry up lol
Seems to be pretty widespread does the same thing even with older handsets...an easy fix.