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Apple iPhone 4 BUMPER Case Review


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA

I finally received my free Bumper from Apple. Up until now, I boycotted buying one of these because it is literally a piece of silicone that gives you no protection. What the Bumper is good for is for those people who do not want a case and just want to fix the reception problem. If you are looking for a protective case that will give you more protection, while saving you from the Death Grip, check out some of my other reviews.
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i got mine several weeks later with the same price label behind the bumber box...
about three weeks for me.

anybody know if the bumper is compatible with Skin Its and/or with the steinheil screen protector?
I ordered mine with my Email account i dont know the password to so its going to be like Christmas when it comes because idk when it will.. hey maybe it will come on Christmas :)
I got mine several weeks ago, I like it, but I can't use third-party charger, they don't work with the bumper on it, and it's a pain 2 keep taking the bumper on and off, just 2 get a charge....:eek:
To the ones that received theirs already, you guys did use the app on the phone to order it right? free from apple?
To the ones that received theirs already, you guys did use the app on the phone to order it right? free from apple?

That's the only way to order. I guess so they can verify somebody doesn't end up with more than one case. (I haven't even had an email yet... :( )
I ordered mine Aug 4th and got a confirmation email that night saying it ships Sept 1st and should be here Sept 4th. But nothing since then.
I'm just curious on how long it took for them to recieve them cause apparently some gits theirs super early when they already had an email stating delivery around September...
Ordered mine through the app, end of September mine is coming.......
Got my free apple bumper in the mail today. I ordered it through the app on 7/25 and received it today 8/14. I got it early, it said on the apple email that delivery date was 9/3....

Just a heads up
I got mine yesterday. Got the one made by apple. I like it but will probably still be using my old case during the week at work because it offers a bit more protection.
It took me about three weeks to get my Apple bumper. I like it on the go but only the Apple chargers will fit through it. My car charger is too wide to fit through the slot in the case. The normal headsets do not fit through the hole in the top either.