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AppleCare Confirms that Software Update Won't Fix Antenna Issue


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Jun 18, 2010
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Gizmodo has refused to give up on the iPhone antenna issue, as you might expect, with the result being that they say that they have managed to get AppleCare to confirm that the upcoming software update will not solve the antenna problem, and will in fact only alter the way in which the phone shows the signal strength to make it more accurate. This bears up all the speculation that has been going on ever since Apple made its statement last week, of course. It's something we all knew, but it's certainly interesting to hear that AppleCare is confirming it when they speak to customers now.

According to Gizmodo, they called AppleCare three times, telling them that they were experiencing “voice quality problems and call drops”, as well as internet access issues. On all three occasions, Gizmodo say that they were told the same four things by AppleCare:

  • If you hold the phone a certain way, you will experience interference.
  • Try holding the phone in a different way, avoiding touching the bottom left-hand corner.
  • Buy a case or one of Apple’s $30 bumpers.
  • The upcoming software update will not fix the problem.

So there we have it, yet more proof that Apple’s statement only addressed a part of the problem and not the real issue.

Source: Gizmodo
No big surprise here.... I'm glad they are telling it like it is. Nothing worse that trying to make excuses. Im pretty sure you won't think its such a deal when they "fix" the display! :)
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frack gizmodo i hope their site goes to hell.. who cares about shitmodo and what they think..

pardon my french ;p
Facing up to the real issue is something both Apple & Att are good at avoiding. My Iphone is doing well and I have no issues with either but it seems when a issue arises they just dance around the edges not face it headon.
so for those who have the problem just haave to get another phone or bumper or wait for the new iphone 5 next year