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Apple offers Applecare+ until the middle of next month for new iPhone owners


Oct 3, 2011
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San Jose, CA


Apple products, both software and hardware, are known for their high quality. As one could expect in life, once in a while, people end up having some issues with the products, which escalate to soap opera drama on Internet forums. But in general, everybody knows that Apple makes good, quality products. They have the record sales to prove it. But this doesn’t mean that sometimes even in the almighty Apple quarters things don’t go wrong sometimes. For this reason the company introduced AppleCare.

What is this exactly? Well, you should know that when you buy a Mac, an iPod or an iPhone you also get a one year standard warranty. This includes 90 days of telephone support and in case the hardware defects you can use your replacement warranty and get the problem fixed. And then was AppleCare+. What’s the difference between the two? Well AppleCare+ covers up two instances of accidental damage (you still have to pay the service fee which is $50) per coverage period. Keep in mind that, the old plan didn’t cover accidental damage at all.

That’s very good news for Apple enthusiasts. And we have plenty more of those. Apple has decided to stretch the deadline for the AppleCare+ protection plan purchases until December 15 for the Apple iPhone 4S pre-orders. The policy has also been changed, now allowing all customers 30 days from date of purchase to come back and purchase coverage on the phone.

To take advantage of the AppleCare+ program, the users must call Apple directly or make an appointment to their local Genius Bar. Hurry up and make the call, until it’s too late.

Source: Digital Trends