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Apple announces FREE CASES!


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May 27, 2010
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Apple is now trying to do what's best to make all iPhone 4 users happy. During the press conference today, Steve Jobs said that while iPhone 4 antenna issues were not affecting everyone, they care about every user and a free case will be provided to everyone who bought an iPhone 4 through September 30, 2010.

For those that have already purchased an Apple bumper case, you'll be eligible for a refund. Stay tuned for more information about this....
According to the press release we will have several to choose from sometime next week on apples webpage. Great. This is after I have spent $60 in various cases to fix a problem they created. I guess it's better than nothing but I wonder if it will hurt the resale value any.
yup and the next question to be hammered will be

were can i get the bumper case free ?
Yeah no kidding. especially since i talked to my friend at the AT&T store and she said it would be exclusive through apple. Not through the AT&T stores
what happens if you say bought the phone new off ebay. Will you be able to get a free bumper?
I would imagine they would have us log into our iTunes account via apple.com and choose the case there. With our luck we have have four hot pink and one diamond studded purple case to choose from.
what happens if you say bought the phone new off ebay. Will you be able to get a free bumper?

good question
i cant see how they will do this ??

what will you have to prove to be able to get a bumper.

imei / serial number maybe ?

or even proof of purchase from like a store such as o2
i hope they go by serial number or imei, that way they could see if you've received one. and no one would be left out.
Yeah, just take it to a store with the packaging when the free ones come out or contact apple online and have them scan the bar code or something :)
I bought a case the first day, wish they could just mail me the cheese instead.
I wonder if this includes people that bought a case from AT&T and what if we don't have the receipt any longer. Hmmmmmm.