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Difference difference between iPhone 5s and 6


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Oct 22, 2015
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I'm just wondering what the iPhone 6 does more than the 5s? About 2 month back before I got my 6s I went for a meal with my cousin and mums mate. my cousin was showing my mums mate stuff she could do on her phone. My cousin has 5s and mums mate has the 6. Since getting my 6s I've been looking at differences between iPhones and noticed I can't think of anything the 6 does more than the 5s I know the 6 is slightly bigger but what else is different?
Just a few differences:
- The iPhone 6 has better resolution (Retina HD).
- The processors are different: the A7 and M7 in the iPhone 5s, and the A8 and M8 co-processor in the iPhone 6.
- The camera of the 6 is better than the one of the 5s.

Take a look at this site for the complete list of technical specifications:
iPhone - Compare Models - Apple (UK)